SpeedMonkey.net - Fucking halarious articles about everything...
StephanieBull.com - Some more Local Talent                            
TheSmokingGun.com - When famous people get busted             

ConsumptionJunction.com - You name it they got it..                  
SlashDot.org - Geek News but some cool shit sometimes           
The Round Up - Local Country Bar I frequent!                            

Jamie Westenhiser - Grizzys Ol' High School Flame                    

BitSarah.com - Just another one of my most Frequent Sites        

Thesuperficial.com - Good for people who are bored with celebs 

MySpaceISgay.com - Funny website that beat me to it                

HardToTheCorps.com - My brothers upcoming website...              

www.bitemyphoto.com - Beats the fucking shit outta Photobucket

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Updated : March 31, 2007